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The Benefits of Belly Dance

Egyptian Spirit Belly Dance in Cheltenham & Gloucestershire

What are the benefits of Egyptian Belly Dance?

There are so many different styles of Belly Dance to suit everyone, but I love traditional Egyptian as it is the foundation for all of the other styles, so if you learn the basics of Egyptian you can easily transfer to any of the other styles you discover on your dance journey.

Egyptian Belly Dance is great for our health and wellbeing
Egyptian Belly Dance uses every muscle in a gentle controlled way to help you become more flexible, toned, have better posture, core strength and stability, so even if you feel unfit or have not danced or exercised for a while, it’s a great way to start exercising again.
Egyptian Belly Dance is great fun, and I have found if you enjoy something you are much more likely to keep doing it.

Some other reported health benefits are:
Feeling happier and less stressed
Increased energy levels
Increased libido
Improved digestion and less bloating
Increased joint and muscle flexibility and strength
Reduced back pain
Increased core strength
Improved balance and coordination
Quicker recovery from illness or injury
Lower blood pressure
Better muscle tone in tummy, upper arms, bottom and thighs

My classes are fun, relaxed and friendly which makes learning a new skill easier, more enjoyable and increases confidence and a sense of wellbeing.
As well as the classes, I organise a number of social activities for charity throughout the year that you can get involved in if you wish. There is a real sense of community and sisterhood among my students and over the years some have become lifelong friends.

If this sounds like it could benefit you and something you would enjoy then try a Belly Dance beginner class or contact me if you would like and further information.