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Welcome to Egyptian Spirit Belly Dance

Build your confidence, improve your fitness and discover your feminine side with
Egyptian Spirit, the home of Belly Dance in Cheltenham & Gloucestershire.

Ann Blagden started her dance journey over 25 years ago in London, learning classical Indian, Bollywood, Bhangra and Belly Dance.
Ann has been passionate about studying and teaching the different styles of traditional Egyptian belly dance for over 10 years and is the founder of Egyptian Spirit Belly Dance in Cheltenham & Gloucestershire, offering classes, workshops, talks and Hen parties locally and throughout the Cotswolds. Ann has a fun, holistic, inclusive approach to her lessons, helping her students feel welcome, comfortable, confident and relaxed.
Find your new passion and try an Egyptian Spirit Belly Dance class soon.

Beginner Belly Dance Classes

Drop-in day time classes
Thursday – Beginner 50 + Egyptian Belly Dance fitness and fun
8th November to 6th December 2018
11.00 to 12.00 pm
Cost: £7 per drop in session

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Beginner Lessons in Belly Dance in Cheltenham & Gloucestershire
Intermediate Lessons in Belly Dance in Cheltenham & Gloucestershire

Beginner and Intermediate Level Classes

Evening classes
Tuesday – Beginner, Intermediate, Technique and Choreography
6th November to 4th December 2018
7.15 to 8.15 pm
Cost: £35 for 5 weeks in advance or £10 per session

Beginner, Intermediate, Technique and Choreography Egyptian Belly Dance Classes
are for you, if:
– You want to learn traditional and modern Egyptian style Dance
– You want to improve your dance technique by drilling moves
– You want to become a confident dancer
– You want to learn to interpret the music and choreograph your own dances
– You have an interest in Egyptian dance and culture and want to learn more

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Egyptian Spirit Belly Dance in Cheltenham & Gloucestershire

About Ann Blagden

Hi, I’m Ann Blagden, founder of Egyptian Spirit Belly Dance and I specialise in traditional Egyptian Belly Dance, using both modern western and traditional Arabic music and I’ve been teaching Belly Dance in Cheltenham & Gloucestershire for over 10 years.
Egyptian Belly Dance has many health and wellbeing benefits and I am passionate, not just about the dance moves and techniques but the rich and varied culture and history of Egyptian dance and I really want to share this knowledge with my students. I have become a qualified adult education teacher with a Certificate in Further Education, studied the “Safe teaching of Arabic Dance” with JWAAD Academy of Dance. It is really important to me that my students feel relaxed and comfortable and enjoy the class, to help their confidence grow week by week, so I keep my classes small, friendly, informative and fun. I also enjoy dancing as part of a local co-operative, community dance troupe called Spirit of the East. If you would like to join me on this journey of dance, learning and exploration, I look forward to welcoming you soon at my beginner classes. If you are more experienced and want to take your dancing to the next level, my intermediate/performance classes are for you.
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What My Students Say

Ann always makes me feel special, like I am her only pupil, and her teaching is fun and challenging.
A session with Ann boosts my mood and leaves me feeling elated.
Judith Pandazis
Right from my first class with Ann, I experienced a warm welcome and genuine interest in me and in the development of my dance.
Ann is a capable and gifted teacher; able to explain dance moves and keep all her students engaged in their own dance journey.
Ann’s obvious passion and ability of belly dance comes out in her explanation.  She explains both the technical and historical aspects of the dance. Ann creates a loving and happy dance environment; a safe place to learn about the dance and to learn more about yourself.
I’ve been dancing with Ann now for just over two years and during this time I’ve become aware of a new inner confidence and contentment of who I am and how I am, that I’d never really had before.  And it’s great!  Thank you Ann x
Christine Jeffs
Although I have no coordination, I love to dance. Ann is a patient, friendly, fun teacher whose mantra is “breathe and smile” which always has us laughing.

Ann is very knowledgeable about the history and culture of the dance, the different moves and where they came from, and she can tell you which muscles you are using, and how to stand in the correct posture.

I always enjoy the classes and leave feeling refreshed, knowing that I have had a good workout, both physically and mentally.

Maggie Smith

I decided to give the over 50s class on Thursday mornings a try. From the first meeting I was made to feel extremely welcome by Ann and the other more experienced students. Ann has a great fun way of describing the moves that anyone can understand and used terms we are familiar with like “close the kitchen drawer with your hip” which has us all giggling.

Ann is very good at giving people alternative moves if they have health problems such as bad knees, hips, shoulders, everyone is made to feel capable and able to enjoy themselves. I am what I would describe as overweight and was made to feel comfortable, I believe anyone of any age and size can enjoy Ann’s belly dance class. I would highly recommend Ann’s class to anyone who wants to try Belly Dance.

Karen McGuire
I recently moved to Cheltenham from Canada where Belly dance has been part of my life for years. Ann welcomed me to her classes and gave me lots of support in getting involved with the local dance community.

Ann classes are fun and informative, and includes tidbits of historical information while teaching to add depth and interest to the class.

I especially enjoy her Fitness and Fun class, as it is multilevel, which allows for some challenge for the more advanced dancer, but stresses the basics for beginners.

Karen A Philips
Egyptian Spirit Belly Dance in Cheltenham & Gloucestershire
Egyptian Spirit Belly Dance in Cheltenham & Gloucestershire

The Benefits of Belly Dance

There are so many different styles of Belly Dance to suit everyone, but I love traditional Egyptian as it is the foundation for all of the other styles, so if you learn the basics of Egyptian you can easily transfer to any of the other styles you discover on your dance journey.

Egyptian Belly Dance is great for our health and wellbeing. Egyptian Belly Dance uses every muscle in a gentle controlled way to help you become more flexible, toned, have better posture, core strength and stability, so even if you feel unfit or have not danced or exercised for a while, it’s a great way to start exercising again.

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